If you're a first-time traveler to Dubai, then it is best that you get to know more about the city before you actually visit, in order to have the most enjoyable experience. Although it is located in an arid/desert region, Dubai is fully air-conditioned all over, so one doesn't have to worry about the heat anywhere! As far as traveling goes, Dubai has world-class public transportation facilities.

One can also easily and conveniently walk from their hotels to popular conference venues with absolute ease, or even hail a cab or taxi for longer distances. Considered to be one of the globe's leading trading centers, the reason for Dubai being recognized as the perfect venue for a global academic event such as a convention, conference, workshop, seminar, etc, the world over, is owing to the fact that most of the resorts and hotels in the city offer unique conference venues and numerous facilities.

There are numerous conference organizing firms in Dubai that excel at planning and devising world-class events in a short time. All available amenities are in a spotless shape and unparalleled Wi-Fi facilities are the norm everywhere in the city. The options for entertainment are boundless in Dubai. One can indulge in everything from skydiving, camel riding, paintball, laser tag, catch a movie/opera, attend a concert, visit a club, and countless other things.