The primary objective of the 2nd International Conference on Advanced Computing and Intelligent Engineering (ICACIE-23), slated to take place in the amazing city of Indonesia held on 30th & 29th & 30th June 2023, is to deliberate the difficulties linked with the practical administration of all the most advanced information being produced in the fields of Advanced Computing and Intelligent Engineering. With the rate at which advancements in these fields are taking place, budding academics, scholars, and researchers in the initial stages of their careers are finding it more difficult than ever to constantly keep up-to-date. This convention endeavors to support them in getting up-to-date with all the most modern improvements.

The purpose of ​​the 2nd International Conference on Advanced Computing and Intelligent Engineering (ICACIE-23), is for specialists, academics, practitioners, industry experts, and students from academies all over the globe to gather together and exhibit modern experimental research outcomes that familiarize and acquaint participants with the advancement.

This conference which is scheduled to be held in Indonesia assists all researchers (both inexperienced and veterans) to present their experimental outcomes to members of the global scientific community, no matter which specific area of Advanced Computing and Intelligent Engineering they practice in. Those who present the most high-grade research articles will be rewarded well. They will obtain an unbelievable chance to get their experimental results distributed in world-renowned publications and magazines sanctioned and trusted by the global scientific community! This will not only assist them in gaining the required exposure that they require to have their experimental outcomes acknowledged in global research societies but additionally open the gateway to unimaginable possibilities for collaboration and conducting additional research work.