The 2nd International Conference on Advanced Computing and Intelligent Engineering (ICACIE-23), which will be held in the stunning city of Indonesia , will assist as an excellent program for participants who are engaged either in the investigation or support of Advanced Computing and Intelligent Engineering, to publish their groundbreaking approaches and original experimental outcomes in the presence of many of the world's most eminent experts and specialists. This amazing conference will furthermore allow attendees to interlace and associate with global speakers and world-renowned specialists. Delegates will have the opportunity to interact with affiliated concourse guides and operate in related sectors of experimentation and research.

In order to further enhance their findings, students can acquire the expert direction of speakers who will be present at this conference. They can publish their experimental outcomes in eminent magazines of global significance. The publications associated with this extraordinary conference are well-recognized and known amongst leading scientific societies, fellowships, and associations throughout the globe.

The research records exhibited at the 2nd International Conference on Advanced Computing and Intelligent Engineering (ICACIE-23), Indonesia will be cited in eminent magazines, thus offering an excellent convention for all, educators, professors, academics, industry experts, students, and practitioners, to discover about the most modern improvements and expertise in both Advanced Computing and Intelligent Engineering.